Ordinance on land act unconstitutional and anti-people, people’s movements to organise against its passage in parliament, every forced acquisition on ground will face stiff resistance

A statement by National Alliance of People’s movements (NAPM) & Lok Shakti Abhiyan,

Bhubaneswar (Press Statement/30th Dec 14): Yesterday Cabinet decision approving the Ordinance amending the Land Acquisition Act 2013, even before the law has been actually implemented on the ground is completely unacceptable and reminds us of the anti-democratic and authoritarian streak of this government. In six months of its existence NDA government has already used the Ordinance route three times.

We fail to understand what the Emergency is at this moment that, NDA government has to take the Ordinance route. This is only being done as a measure to benefit the Corporate Houses and nothing else. 20 Lakh Crore investments are not stuck because of the new land act, since the law has only been in existence for one year.

The land acquisition act, 1894 was amended precisely to resolve the conflict due to forcible land acquisition, give farmers their due and meet the needs of the industrial development. Today’s decision will only increase that conflict since large scale forcible land acquisition for the industrial corridors will benorm, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor alone has plan for acquisition of3,90,000 Hectares of land. Industrial Corridors, big infrastructure projects, dams etc cause the maximum displacement and environmental damage and the new land Act was to address situations arising out of that. Read more

Courtesy: India Resists