JAMSHEDPUR: The Occupational Safety and Health Association of Jharkhand (OSHAJ), an association that fights for silicosis patients and their rights, has recorded messages for the industrial workers in the three districts of Kolhan division to spread awareness about the deadly disease.

To make their effort more appealing they have decided to record the awareness messages on traditional Tusu song tunes and use Tusu melas as the platform. The idea behind this innovative step is to get the attention of the uneducated rural workforce working in small industries where they are exposed to silica particles which causes the disease.

“Tusu songs are popular among the rural tribal community. So we have recorded few silicosis awareness messages on Tusu song tunes for our awareness drive that will kick off on January 10 in all the three districts of the Kolhan division,” said OSHAJ general secretary Samit Kumar Carr.

Tusu festival is mostly celebrated by the tribals and the Mahato community in several parts of the state. The festival that begins with Makar Sankranti concludes after a week-long celebration.

The OSHAJ functionary said the messages recorded in audio cassettes will also tell the means and methods by which silicosis patients can claim compensation from the respective company or government agencies. “The messages will make workers aware about diagnosis and prevention of silicosis and it will also enlighten them about the legal steps which can be taken to ask for compensation,” said Carr.