MUMBAI: For India Inc, 39-year-old environment lawyer Ritwick Dutta is a perennial nuisance, someone who has been obstructing, slowing and litigating against the industrialisation of the country. But for tree huggers, he’s Captain Planet trying to save the earth from mindless destruction.

Dutta, a Supreme Court lawyer for more than a decade, has blocked big projects like bauxite mining by Vedanta Resources and Posco’s steel project in Odisha. He fought 350 cases against behemoths like Posco, Vedanta, Jindal SteelBSE 5.49 %, and government-backed NTPCBSE 0.63 % in the past 10 years, making him unpopular with Corporate India.

“A substantive amount of our industrialism is happening at the cost of the livelihoods of people,” says Dutta. “The locals are saying that they’ll get jobs as watchmen, guards, but top jobs will go to engineers from outside. It is a real issue of livelihood loss.” Read more

Courtesy: The Economic Times