India Blooms News Service cited Mr Kamal Nath, parliamentary Affairs Minister, as saying that PM Dr Manmohan Singh is ready to face the Central Bureau of Investigation in connection with the coal scam if required.

Mr Nath said that “The PM is not above law and will have to present himself for questioning if the CBI summons him.”

Slamming Manmohan Singh over missing coal scam files, senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Mr Arun Jaitley said that the PM resorts to his ultimate weapon, that is, silence, when it comes to making a transparent statement on the issue.

Mr Jaitley said that “After the files disappear, the (coal) minister comes and makes an inaccurate statement saying, all these files are pre-2004 allocations. We now find out that the crucial files are between 2006 and 2009. Then the Prime Minister resorts to his ultimate weapon, that which is silence, because the cruelest of concealments can be made through silence. He resorts to that weapon.”

He said that “Who are the targets of investigation? Either the beneficiaries or the decision makers. The decision makers could be in the PMO, they could be in the Coal Ministry, they could be in the Screening Committee, or they could be the minister. Now between these so called targets of investigation, who is the person who has made these files to disappear?”

However, the CBI needs nearly 225 files from the Coal Ministry to progress in investigations.

Courtesy – India Blooms News Service