Indian Express quoted the Supreme Court as saying that it would not allow the CBI to share with the political executive details of its investigation into the allotment of coal blocks under the guise of getting sanctions.

It also asked the government to justify the procedure adopted to allot the 164 blocks.

A bench led by Justice Mr RM Lodha, as it criticized the request for permission to share details with the appropriate government/authority, said that “In the garb of seeking permission and sanction to investigate or prosecute, we cannot give CBI a permission to share probe details and other information with political executives.”

The court asserted the CBI would need to explain why it wanted a modification of the court’s May 8th order wherein the agency was asked not to share details with any person or authority. It questioned why the CBI required to approach the government for sanctions when the power of superintendence of its investigation was now with the CVC.

However, the court could not get the CBI’s response as Additional Solicitor General Mr Sidharth Luthra, who was engaged by the CBI, recused himself from the case. He is the third senior lawyer to withdraw since Sinha told the court in May that then law minister Mr Ashwani Kumar and officials from the PMO and coal ministry had amended a probe status report before its submission.

Reading from the CBI’s latest probe report, the court said that the report suggested severe deficiencies and infirmities in the allotment of coal blocks which have affected decision-making. Lesser said the better. There seems to be subjective consideration by the screening committee.

The court said that it will go through the decision-making process for every allotment made in the 36 meetings of the committee and sought a comprehensive affidavit from the AG to justify all allotments.

Courtesy: Indian Express