NEW DELHI: While North and South corporations have each announced five tentative sanitary landfill sites, environmentalists have protested against the choice of areas.

In south, one option is 450 acres of Bhatti Mines against which forest officials have reservations. In the north, two of the five options are located near Palla village which is part of the original Yamuna flood plain.

A proposal to use part of the Bhatti Mines as a landfill site has been shot down once in 2011 by the Delhi forest department and the environment ministry. This time, too, sources say, attempts to use the forest land as a landfill site will be thwarted. “We understand that the municipal agency needs land but as long as it is on forest area, the plan will not be supported,” said a source.

NGO Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan has written to the LG, protesting against the proposal for landfill sites in north. Its’ convener Manoj Misra said, “We are alarmed that two of the sites are proposed in Zone P II in north Delhi near Palla village. This zone being largely rural should be maintained to meet the city’s growing need of food and water,” he said.

The two proposed sites are a 42.5 acre land on Bakhtawarpur Road and a 62.5 acre land between Palla village and Haryana border. “The land’s proximity to the river give it an excellent potential for massive water storages, both underground in aquifers and for raising off-channel reservoirs where part of flood flows in river Yamuna could be stored for later use. A landfill site here may pollute the ground water,” said Misra.

Corporation officials say they haven’t finalized any site yet and are awaiting suggestions from the forest and environment department. “We want 200acre of land. It will be more convenient if we get land at different places,” said P K Gupta, commissioner, North corporation.