Former CBI chief Joginder Singh speaks to Gulf News about the investigation agency and how he believes it has to change

New Delhi: Amid allegations that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) toned down its status report on the coal allocation scam after interference by the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice, former CBI chief Joginder Singh has once again claimed that the investigating agency has no powers.

Considered the most upright officer in the history of the CBI, he believed in sharing information rather than terming every unnecessary document as ‘top secret’. In the process, he rubbed many politicians the wrong way. Singh was suddenly transferred from the CBI in 1997, while he was away from the country.

However, the unconventional officer, who was instrumental in bringing forward Swiss documents relating to the Bofors gun scandal in India, remains hopeful. He strongly proposes autonomy to the CBI against the backdrop of the government’s interference in one probe after the other.

He speaks to Gulf News in an exclusive interview.