NOIDA: Due to the rapidly depleting groundwater levels and the need to conserve it, Noida Authorityhas made it compulsory for all developmental and group housing projects to ensure proper rainwater harvesting systems before they apply for completion certificates. The planning department of the Authority has also made it mandatory for future allottees of group housing projects to submit affidavits of the rainwater systems to be installed at their sites before they are provided allotment letters.

Authority officials said that from now completion certificates would be issued to group housing projects only after it is found upon inspection that rainwater systems installed are working as per norms. “Site visits would be conducted by teams. Completion certificates will not be provided based simply on the fact that the project has a provision for such systems,” said a senior Authority official.

The decision has been taken following the rap by the National Green Tribunal for failing to conserve groundwater tables in the city. Extraction of groundwater for construction has already been halted since the last four months.

Besides, officials said existing projects will also be inspected by the Authority in a few days.