New Delhi, April 17 (Prensa Latina) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today described as “painfully slow” climate change negotiations and recalled the greatest responsibility of industrialized countries for emissions of greenhouse gases.

Singh urged the community of nations to take measures to promote the use of clean energy and said that in recognition of the importance of developing a strategy for low carbon cosumo inclusive and sustainable growth, India will double by 2017 its capacity renewable energy.

He stressed that under any principle of equity, industrialized countries must shoulder much of the burden in this regard to be “historically responsible for the bulk of emissions of greenhouse gases accumulated, which in itself suggests a greater responsibility. ”

Inaugurating the Fourth Ministerial Meeting here on Clean Energy, he noted that these issues have been the subject of intense debates in the climate change negotiations are conducted under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change .

But progress in these negotiations are painfully slow, he said.

After exposing the imperiousness of stabilizing global temperatures to acceptable levels, urged States to promote the exchange of information and identify possible areas of collaboration in order to benefit from each other’s experiences in dealing with common problems.

He said that India is prepared to take advantage of clean energy sources like solar, wind and biomass, with the goal of raising of 25000-55000 MW generation capacity in the next five years.

Granted that such decisions are constrained by being more expensive energy from that source than conventional, but noted that the costs should fall.

India is a big market for the production of such equipment and also a potential competitive production base to supply other countries, he said.

Courtesy: Prensa Latina