In her budget speech on Thursday, chief minister Sheila Dikshit admitted that disposal of solid waste had become a major issue, with huge landfills causing air and groundwater pollution.
Dikshit said three of the four existing landfill sites had exhausted their lifespan and new sites were not available. “We have to act decisively and my government will find the resources to fund initiatives so that this accumulation of waste is stopped, if not reversed,” she said.

She said there was one waste-to-energy plant at Okhla, another was being constructed at Ghazipur and yet another was planned at Narela-Bawana Road. But at the same time, she admitted even these would not be enough as Delhi was generating 9,000 tonnes of solid waste every day.

Turning to Yamuna pollution, she said: “The government has been assiduously protecting its forests, treelands, water bodies etc. We have assigned high priority to check pollution in the river Yamuna during 12th Five Year Plan. Work on laying an interceptor sewer along three major drains, at cost of more than Rs. 1,300 crore, is in progress. On its completion, 70% of the pollutant load of these drains would not be allowed to enter the Yamuna,” she said.

She said five noise monitoring systems were being procured by the Delhi pollution control committee in this financial year to have real-time noise monitoring data of five locations in Delhi.

The CM said the problem of disposal of solid waste was compounded by the generation of construction/demolition debris. “Delhi generates about 2000 tons of malba every day. My government will address this environmental hazard,” she said.

Courtesy: hindustantimes